Useful tips for selecting proper welding electrode

Selection of welding electrode according to the chemical composition, mechanical properties, anti-cracking performance requirements, at the same time, taking into account the welding structure, steel thickness, working conditions, stress, welding performance and other factors comprehensive analysis. When necessary, do welding test, formulate the corresponding technical measures, and then determine the selection of electrode.

E6013-1230_014 拷贝

The carbon steel welding electrode to be generally used and the strength of steel grades, considering the complex structure, plate, large stiffness, dynamic load, poor welding, generally used in the plastic, high impact toughness, crack resistance performance good of low hydrogen electrode, e.g. E7018E7016 . In case there are special requirements for the welding position, using the corresponding special electrode, such as electrode, grounding electrode of vertical down welding etc. example E6011, E6010. In order to improve the welding efficiency, iron powder electrode can be used.


Except of weld cooling rate fast, increased strength, weld cracks are easy to be produced. At the same time, can choose strength than the base metal low level of electrode; low carbon steel and low alloy steel between dissimilar steel welding, steel is generally used with low intensity levels corresponding to the electrode and consider low-alloy steel factor, to choose low hydrogen type is appropriate.

For welding of carbon steel, due to the steel containing high carbon content, increasing the welding crack tendency, generally used in low hydrogen electrodes and the preheating, slow cooling method and corresponding welding process measures, you may choose E6013, J422 and etc..


About cast steel welding, containing higher carbon content, heavy workpieces, complex structure, is easy to produce welding crack, when the steel alloy element for a long time, it is more prominent. General selection of low hydrogen type welding electrode, and take the preheating, slow cooling and other methods and the corresponding welding process and other measures.

Does is to ensure the welding quality and on the workpiece weld shall be clean, no oil, rust, moisture, paints and dirt, etc., on the use of low hydrogen electrodes is particularly important.

(Of low hydrogen electrodes, welding electrodes shall be by 350 DEG C baking for 1 hour, and with the drying with the use, or easy to produce porosity, slag, cracks and other defects. The cellulose electrode generally does not need to be baked, if the moisture, according to the instruction manual temperature welding before baking, but the temperature is too high will destroy the welding process performance.


Post time: Jul-07-2021