Do you know the welding rod drying precautions?

The welding electrodes that leave the factory have been dried at high temperature and packaged with moisture-proof material, which usually prevents the coating from absorbing moisture. However, during the long-term storage of the electrode, the moisture absorption of the electrode coating is inevitable. When using a heavily damp electrode for welding, it will affect the welding process performance and the mechanical properties of the weld metal.


The electrode should be re-dried according to the instructions before use, and it should be baked and used right away. The adsorbed moisture in the coating of the electrode can be removed by re-drying. Generally, the drying should not exceed 3 times, so as to avoid the deterioration and cracking of the coating, which will affect the welding quality.

1. Before the electrode is used, if there is no special regulation in the electrode specification, it should generally be baked. The maximum drying temperature of acid electrodes (E6010, E6011, E6013, J422) should not exceed 250°C, otherwise the organic matter in the medicine will deteriorate, thereby weakening the gas shielding effect. The dried alkaline low-hydrogen electrodes (E7018, E7016) should be placed in an incubator at 100~150°C for immediate use, and should be kept dry during use. If there are special provisions in the electrode specification, it should be dried according to the instructions.


2. Generally, low-hydrogen electrodes (E7018, E7016) should be re-dried if they are at room temperature for more than 4 hours. The repeated drying times should not exceed 3 times, so as to avoid the deformation and cracking of the coating, which will affect the welding quality.


3. When drying the electrodes, the electrodes should not be stacked in stacks or bundles, but should be laid in layers. The stacking of electrodes in each layer should not be too thick, generally 1-3 layers. Avoid uneven heating and moisture discharge when the electrode is dried. It is forbidden to suddenly put the electrode into the high-temperature furnace or take it out of the high-temperature furnace for cooling, in order to prevent the cracking and peeling of the coating caused by the rapid cooling and heating of the electrode.


4. Records should be made when the electrode is dried, and the records should include the brand, batch number, temperature and time. During the drying of the electrode, the technical personnel in charge should check the drying process 1 time at least, and sign the operation record.Electrodebading05-Tianqiao

5. When operating in the open air overnight, it should be kept at a constant temperature in a low-temperature drying box. It is not allowed to store in the open air, otherwise it will be re-dried before use the next day.

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