An article lets you know about Tungsten argon arc welding (GTAW or TIG)


Tungsten argon arc welding is a kind of arc welding method using argon or argon rich gas as protection and tungsten electrode as electrode, which is referred to as GTAW(Gas Tungsten Arc Weld) or TIG(Tungsten Inert Gas Welding) for short.


During welding, the shielding gas is continuously sprayed from the nozzle of the welding gun to cover the periphery of the welding area composed of arc, molten pool, tungsten electrode and filler wire to form a local gas protective layer to effectively isolate the air from the welding area; The welding wire passes through the front edge of the molten pool transported by manual or wire feeder and melts under the heat of the arc. The molten wire metal flows into the molten pool through the front wall of the molten pool. After the arc moves forward, the molten pool crystallizes to form a weld, as shown in the figure. The welding process of this kind of welding method has good stability and is easy to obtain high-quality welds.

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 What are the advantages of TIG welding?

Compared with other welding methods, TIG welding has the following advantages:

1. The welding process is stable, the argon arc combustion is very stable, and the tungsten rod does not melt during the welding process, and the interference factors of arc length change are relatively few, so the welding process is very stable.

2. Good welding quality argon is an inert gas, which is neither soluble in liquid metal nor has any chemical reaction with metal; Moreover, argon is easy to form a good gas flow isolation layer, which can effectively prevent oxygen, nitrogen and other intrusion into the weld metal.

3. It can weld almost all metals and alloys. It is suitable for welding in various positions.

4. It is suitable for thin plate welding and all position welding. Even with a small current of a few amperes, the tungsten argon arc can still burn stably, and the heat is relatively concentrated, so it can weld 0 3mm sheet; Pulse TIG arc welding power source is adopted, which can also carry out all position welding and single-sided welding and double-sided forming welding without backing. 5. The welding process is easy to realize automation. The arc of TIG welding is open arc. The welding process parameters are stable and easy to detect and control. It is an ideal automatic and even robotic welding method.

6. There is no slag in the welding area, and the welder can clearly see the molten pool and weld forming process.


What are the disadvantages of TIG welding?

TIG welding has the following disadvantages:

1. Poor wind resistance. Argon tungsten arc welding uses gas for protection, and its ability to resist lateral wind is poor. When the lateral wind is small, the protection effect can be ensured by reducing the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece and increasing the flow of shielding gas at the same time; When the lateral wind is strong, windproof measures must be taken.

2. The requirements for workpiece cleaning are high. Due to the protection of inert gas, there is no metallurgical deoxidation or dehydrogenation. In order to avoid defects such as pores and cracks, the oil stain and rust on the workpiece must be strictly removed before welding.

3. The productivity of tungsten arc welding is low, especially due to the low current carrying capacity of tungsten arc welding.

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